Tech War by Hyderabad Techies

Hyderabad Techies is going to conduct “TECH WAR” – non-stop online technical sessions, continuously for 48 hours from 19th to 21st December 2009. This event will start at 2 pm on 19th Dec and end at 2 pm on 21st Dec.

There are many sessions on various technical topics ranging from rudimentary concepts to cutting-edge features of .NET and other Microsoft technologies targeting no-voice to expert levels of audience. Speakers from different countries are going to deliver sessions here. Its noteworthy to tell that Abhishek Kanth is going to deliver the Key Note for the Event.

More Details @

Hope to meet you in the Event.


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About Pranav

A Software Engineer by profession and a Geek at heart. I love exploring new technologies and working on algorithmic problems. As of now, I write code for bread, butter and satisfaction. I like to develop applications, and generally that involves much more than writing code. It’s not just about hurling code, but producing something meaningful that has a measurable and positive impact, helps others and solves interesting problems.

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