Prepare your Applications for Windows 7

We all have this question in our mind.

“Why does my application break when we change the Operating Systems?”

Typically, whenever a new OS is released, Microsoft makes every effort to ensure application Compatibility. Unfortunately, as the OS evolves and when reliability, security and performance improvements are made, there are some comprises which are made that ends up breaking some applications. Thankfully, when the changes are decided to be made, there is some mitigation planned to address the applications which are broken. Hence, Application Compatibility is one important which is on the top of everybody’s mind.

This series of posts covers information on how the core changes of Windows 7 will affect the applications. Also, it covers some basic methods to mitigate these issues from the viewpoint of Developers, IT Pros and End-users.

A key consideration when moving to Windows 7 is whether your applications will run successfully. Download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) to access the necessary tools and documentation to evaluate and mitigate application compatibility issues before deploying Windows 7.


Community Tech Days @ Hyderbad Rocked!!!

The day started a bit early today as we have to present a small session at Community Tech Days @ Hyderabad which was confirmed today itself.
The event went very well, over 200 attendees have attended the event. Speakers from various states came to Hyderabad to attend the event.
I first met Harish Ranganathan, my favorite evangelist just after entering the hall.
Hima Bindu delivered the first session on Web Development Enhancements in VS 2010 which was very interactive and informative, explained about the enhancements in VS 2010 in the Web Development domain. Next Arun Ganesh spoke on WCF – A Developer’s Perspective, which pulled out some interesting points on WCF. After this, we got a chance to give out our mini session on Hyderabad Techies. 🙂
It was really a great experience to stand infront of Tech Don’s and deliver a session (especially for a guy like me). That’s why, I was a bit tensed in the beginning, but covered later 🙂
We got many appreciations and compliments from some great people over there (both personally and regarding Hyderabad Techies).

Next sessions are IT Pro realted. Didn’t expect many developers to these sessions as it is for administrators ans IT Pros’. But, to our surprise, there are more number of developers than administrators.
Hariveer and Muqeet delivered the sessions on VS Lab Management 2010 and IIS 7.5 for Administrators.

The last but not least is Windows 7 – Core OS Enhancements and how it would matter our Applications by Vijay Raj. (I was scared after reading this big title at first). At first, I thought that it was some thing like promotion to Windows 7. But, it is not! The session went in a rational manner describing the facts of Windows 7 and its development. This was the most jovial and fun-filled session of all the sesions in the event. We really enjoyed the session like anything. The way he explained and the examples he used to describe was very funny.
I really had a great time with Vijay today, both before and after his session.

Today is a most memorable day in my life which I would never forget in my life. I am very happy and proud to be a part of the Event.
Looking forward for the next CTD…

800704a6 Error while opening JavaScript driven pages in IE8 – Work arounds

In my project, there is a WebBrowser Control in a form. It opens a webpage dynamically which in-turn opens an IE popup using Window.Open() during OnLoad and this window closes after opening the popup.

This is the functionality and it worked fine since last 8 months with IE6 and and IE7. But, now when I am doing the same with IE8 on Windows XP, I got a JS Error and that MessageBox showed me the error as:

Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 800704a6.

As usual, started googling about the topic and found some interesting links. Here is a consolidated work-arounds for the problem from various sources.

First of all, it really matters what mode you are in. In IE8, there are 3 (THREE) modes.

  • IE5 Quirks – your page has no doctype, page renders like IE5 did
  • IE 7 Standards Mode – you have a doctype, but either opted out of IE8 standards mode, or are running on localhost, or in “Compatibility Mode”
  • IE 8 Standards Mode – you have a doctype, and are on the INTRANET (default mode)

Now, if you are rendering in IE5/IE7 mode, then Nothing changes except that there will be a few methods added that shouldn’t interfere with your page.

However, if like the majority, you are running with a doctype set, and thus in IE8 Standards mode, the following changes have occurred.

  1. document.getElementById( id ); //now only returns the CORRECT matches!
  2. .getElementsByName( name ); //now only returns the CORRECT matches!
  3. .getAttribute( name ); //returns the CORRECT value for the given attribute!
  4. .setAttribute( name, value ); //actually SETS the name/value CORRECTLY (no more cAmElCaSe crud)!
  5. CSS Expressions are NO LONGER allowed (deprecated)
  6. Operation Aborted errors will still be thrown (in some cases) however the cases are fewer, and the error won’t kill the entire page/DOM
  7. The attributes[] array on elements should (from the RC build onwards) be correct in terms of contents, have a length, etc.
  8. Button elements now submit the contents of the value attribute, NOT the HTML contents of the Button Tag

There has also been a bunch of CSS 2.1 fixes, so things that rendered weird before, or needed hacks, should be much better. (see below for details on alpha/transparency – there’s been big changes)
See the IE Blog for details.

Also see Web Bug Track for fine grained details on Bugs, Fixes for IE8 (and all other browsers)
SVG, rounded corners, ECMAScript based Event Listeners, Better Form Element design/events etc. are still missing.

A quick work-around is as follows. (If the problem is with security settings, we can get an instant solution by setting up the following values)

Go to Tools-> Internet Options-> Security and click on ‘Custom Level…’ (in the Security level for this zone group)

Under the Miscellaneous section:
Use Pop-up Blocker (disable)

Under the Scripting section:
Active Scripting (enable)
Allow status bar updates via script (enable)
Allow Websites to Prompt for infomation… (Enable)
Enable XSS filter (Enable)

Under the section User Authentication:
Logon (Anonymous logon)

Or else we can try by unchecking the Enable Protected Mode from the following window.

Menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Internet -> Enable Protected Mode (Uncheck it)

If you are aware of any other work-arounds please let us know by posting in the comments section.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Fever for Hyderabad Techies

Hyderabad Techies are gonna suffer from tech fever in the month of February. Yes… After 48 hours of non-stop technical sessions event – TechWar 2009, Hyderabad Techies came out with another new concept called ‘February Fever’ with some cool things like –

    • Making you a Book Author
    • 28 Daily Sessions (Covering all the cutting-edge Microsoft Technologies)
    • Tech Round Table (A day with Experts)
    • 5 Technical Slaps from Hyderabad Techies
    • Cash Prizes for Best Articles

It is really a good opportunity for the folks who want to showcase their skills and exhibit their talents besides learn new things.
For more details, logon to

Community Tech Days in Hyderabad

Community Tech Days - Hyderabad

Good to see that the dates for the Community Tech Days have been confirmed.

It’s now set for 24th January at Microsoft IDC in Hyderabad.

The event has a great line up of sessions and speakers, and its a nice opportunity for developers and IT Pros to know about the enhancements in Microsoft technologies right from Microsoft and other experts too.

This event is FREE of cost. You can register for the In-Person Event here.

If it is not possible for you to come the the venue, don’t worry… there is a LIVE  of the Event. You can view the sessions right from your work station. Here is the link to register for Online Event.

I’d recommend the event, especially if you want to get up to speed on enhancements in Microsoft and .NET related.

More details @

Building Powerful Applications for the Microsoft Office System Using VSTO

Here is a link from Microsoft Connect which I just came across… regarding a level 200 session on Building Powerful Applications for the Microsoft Office System Using VSTO. You can download the ZIP file from this page. It contains sessions and demos delivered by Tim Huckaby on VSTO which are helpful to the developers.

Here is the link

Visual Studio 2010 – Comparision

Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft has posted an overview with all features and options of VS 2010 compared over the Professional, Premium and Ultimate Editions for the convenience of developer users to select the required one easily. Just came across this in

Here is the link for it…