Fever for Hyderabad Techies

Hyderabad Techies are gonna suffer from tech fever in the month of February. Yes… After 48 hours of non-stop technical sessions event – TechWar 2009, Hyderabad Techies came out with another new concept called ‘February Fever’ with some cool things like –

    • Making you a Book Author
    • 28 Daily Sessions (Covering all the cutting-edge Microsoft Technologies)
    • Tech Round Table (A day with Experts)
    • 5 Technical Slaps from Hyderabad Techies
    • Cash Prizes for Best Articles

It is really a good opportunity for the folks who want to showcase their skills and exhibit their talents besides learn new things.
For more details, logon to www.hyderabadtechies.info

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About Pranav

A Software Engineer by profession and a Geek at heart. I love exploring new technologies and working on algorithmic problems. As of now, I write code for bread, butter and satisfaction. I like to develop applications, and generally that involves much more than writing code. It’s not just about hurling code, but producing something meaningful that has a measurable and positive impact, helps others and solves interesting problems.

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