Today I am on MSDN Forum :)

Hurray… Today I am in the list of Top Answerers of the Month in VSTO Forum of MSDN. I am enthralled to see my name in such a great and universal Forum 🙂

This kind of things really incite interest in entrants like me to contribute more to the community.

Usually I visit Forum to get solutions to the problems faced by me. Some times, when I came across the problem which I have already faced, I will respond. But, these days, answering became a hobby of mine. When ever I get time, I am logging in and answering the forum posts, if I know the answer.

Here is a snapshot of the Top Answerers List taken from VSTO Forum on MSDN.

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About Pranav

A Software Engineer by profession and a Geek at heart. I love exploring new technologies and working on algorithmic problems. As of now, I write code for bread, butter and satisfaction. I like to develop applications, and generally that involves much more than writing code. It’s not just about hurling code, but producing something meaningful that has a measurable and positive impact, helps others and solves interesting problems.

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