Check for appplication updates programmatically using ClickOnce Deployment

By default, ClickOnce provides two ways to update the application after installed in the client.

  1. Check everytime when the customization runs
  2. Check at regular intevals
ClickOnce Deployment Update Options

Default update types in ClickOnce Deployment

With the above, the user has to wait till it completes checking for the updates every time when the customization is loaded or at some time interval. It will be a waste of time for the users if application does not  update builds frequently.

How it would be if we provide a button for checking for updates when the user wish to do?

Hmm… Do you think that this is a headache process and hard to implement?

But, NO!

Here are the quick and simple steps to do this.

  1. Create a Windows Forms Application
  2. Place a button and call the following code. (It will check for updates and install them for you when the button is clicked)
Private Sub InstallUpdateSyncWithInfo()
    Dim info As UpdateCheckInfo = Nothing

    If (ApplicationDeployment.IsNetworkDeployed) Then
        Dim AD As ApplicationDeployment = ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment

            info = AD.CheckForDetailedUpdate()
        Catch dde As DeploymentDownloadException
            MessageBox.Show("The new version of the application cannot be downloaded at this time. " + _
                                       ControlChars.Lf & ControlChars.Lf & "Please check your network" + _
                                       "connection, or try again later. Error: " + dde.Message)
        Catch ioe As InvalidOperationException
            MessageBox.Show("This application cannot be updated. It is likely not a ClickOnce application." + _
                                      "Error: " & ioe.Message)
        End Try

        If (info.UpdateAvailable) Then
            Dim doUpdate As Boolean = True

            If (Not info.IsUpdateRequired) Then
                Dim dr As DialogResult = MessageBox.Show("An update is available. Would you like to " + _ 
                                                 "update the application now?", "Update Available", 
                If (Not System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK = dr) Then
                    doUpdate = False
                End If
                ' Display a message that the app MUST reboot. Display the minimum required version.
                MessageBox.Show("This application has detected a mandatory update from your current " & _
                    "version to version " & info.MinimumRequiredVersion.ToString() & _
                    ". The application will now install the update and restart.", _
                    "Update Available", MessageBoxButtons.OK, _
            End If

            If (doUpdate) Then
                    MessageBox.Show("The application has been upgraded, and will now restart.")
                Catch dde As DeploymentDownloadException
                    MessageBox.Show("Cannot install the latest version of the application. " & ControlChars.Lf 
                                              & ControlChars.Lf & "Please check your network connection," + _ 
                                               " or try again later.")
                End Try
            End If
        End If
        End If
End Sub

Now say, Ain’t this cool? 🙂


Hope this helps!

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7 thoughts on “Check for appplication updates programmatically using ClickOnce Deployment

  1. Hi Russ/Rok,

    You can implement this for VSTO add-in as well. You just have to create a windows form and follow the above procedure. Let me know if you face any problems.


  2. Hi,

    Some days ago I implemented this custom install in a windows forms application, and I can say “It works OK” but, I see an Issue that I expect you can help me to solve.

    This issue is: When User to do a clic in a button for check updates and exists an Available Update and user is Asked “¿Do you want to install? OK Cancel” and User clics Cancel the application works normally with the current version, but, when the application restart the Available Update is installed automatically and that don’t have to occurs….

    Please, could you help me to disable the automatic instalation ??

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