For the few who want to know more about me…

I’m a Software Engineer, working for a US product based company. “My work is my hobby/my hobby is my work” – so you can find me almost at any time near a computer. If I’m not there (usually during weekends) it’s most likely that I spend my time with my family or reading books.

Looks like a simple guy whom u might notice at first glance and not care for a second. But, have some different (some times innovative) thoughts and ideas and wants to bring out innovative things. Exposure to fields like Design to Technology and from Art to Psychology gave me a quite nice and interesting viewpoint to the world. I love to see technology from design perspective and vice versa. This vision reflects in almost all of my works. In short, I do what I love and I love what I do.

I like to code in C#. I can also speak PHP, Python, VB.NET, C# and Java. Have been lucky to attend a slew of conferences too: Sun Tech Days, Heroes Happen Here and Microsoft’s FLC, CTD etc. My current interests include advanced programming in Outlook and VSTO.

I like the lines…

“When it rains, all the birds fly towards the shelter. But eagle alone avoids the rain by flying above the clouds. Problem is common to all, but ATTITUDE makes the difference”.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Please drop them here or feel free to spam my GMail using pranav(dot)py.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Best Regards,
Pranav Ainavolu


8 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Bala,

      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      “No problem should be solved twice”
      I created this blog to place all the problems faced by me and possible work-around to them. So, that other developers who are facing the same problems can get instant solutions.

  1. hiya pranav,

    first of all, thank you for your post on “setup projects”. msdn said i should grant security to the vsto setup project, but didn’t actually say how. your article was most helpful.

    question: you showed how to add the custom action data for the rollback, install, and uninstall nodes, then wrote “Note Although the Commit method was not overridden by the custom action, the base Windows Installer class provides an implementation. Thus, you must still call the method. However, it does not require any custom action data.”

    does that mean we need to add SetSecurity to the commit node [with no custom action data], leave the commit node blank, or somehow call the method from somewhere else?

    cheers, mate.

    • Hi Sunil,
      I am glad that it helped you out. You are welcome!
      Coming to your question, I will reply you to your email which you gave in the blog.

      Happy Coding!

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