This blog is closing and I am moving to ‘Pranav on .NET’

Diversion to Pranav on .NET

I will be shutting-down this blog and moving to my new space Pranav on .NET where I will continue blogging not only about VSTO but also about cutting edge topics like Metro Apps, Windows Phone Apps, Azure etc. Lot to learn and implement. Actually I thought to have an exclusive space for me where I can write about the anything that I like. So bought some space and named it as Pranav on .NET. I hope I will have some good time there. Its been quite some time I am setting up the environment and blogging there. That’s the reason for no blog posts since few months here. But, its interesting to note that many people are visiting and commenting on the posts here. So I have migrate all the posts in this blog to my new website –

Hope you will enjoy my new home like Easy VSTO..!